safety when searching, seeking and serenading
Date 03-09-2017 | Views  1927

                                                         safety when searching, seeking and serenading…

online dating and in person dating can be loads of fun. while it is nice to feel uninhibited and fancy-free, being safe should still be high on your priority list. 

when dating online you use your hands to browse, click and like. when dating in real-life you use your hands during many special moments. these include hand holding, romantic moments and sharing.  so remember to be safe by thinking of these 2 handfuls of advice… 

1.      balance a private and public life

when online, many parts of your private life become public.  this is always your choice.  you choose what to show others and what to keep private. keep your photos tasteful enough that if your employer or grandmother saw them it would still be a-okay! privacy always pertains to your login and password. never, ever, ever provide someone you meet online your login and password. those items can be shared with your husband or wife one day.

when you begin a relationship, you can choose how much to reveal to your partner and at what pace. taking things slow is the best bet.  if you are a person who needs a strict schedule then have a special “reveal more of me” date night once a month with your boyfriend or girlfriend. that can be a night where you share some private secrets with each other.

if someone is sending you photos or messages that you feel is too revealing, you can let them know in a nice way: “hey, thanks for the photo. but I really don’t like receiving photos of you in your pajamas. thank you.” if that doesn’t solve the problem and you still receive unwanted TMI (Too Much Information) messages or photos, then you can contact your relationship coach or uneepi help for support.

2.      if interested they will respond

joining an online dating community, like Uneepi, is a brave step towards reaching your relationship goals.  good for you!  online dating can be fun and adventurous. venturing out on a real-life date is even more exciting! so we here at Uneepi understand that our hearts can sometimes get ahead of our heads. 

when dating you need to balance romance with reality. if someone is interested in you they will respond to your attempts. if you like someone’s photos, just like a few of them…it’s not necessary to like every single post. if you write to someone and they don’t respond back try one more time…but that’s it. 

if you are communicating  off-line through phone calls or text messages, the same rule applies. if they are interested they will respond.  if you text or call keep it to 1 or 2 attempts. if you do not get a response that means you need to move on to someone else. 

people get nervous and uncomfortable if you continuously target them. you will get labeled as “stalker”. a stalker is a person who gives unwanted obsessive attention to another person.  focus on being light and friendly. avoid being intense and hyper-focused.  attraction can’t be forced…it will happen on it’s own!

if you feel that you are being stalked then you can let them know in a nice way:  “hi.  please know that I am not interested in getting to know you better. please don’t contact me anymore. thank you.” or something similar. if that doesn’t solve the problem and you still receive unwanted obsessive attention from a user, then you can contact your relationship coach or uneepi help for support.

for additional information on staying safe check out autism dating - community guidelines