• How do I delete my account?

      To delete your account, go to settings and click Cancel Account and click the checkbox to the right of Are You Sure?

    • Having an issue signing in?

      If you are having trouble signing in, there could be a couple of reasons why this is happening. They are listed below:

      Forgot Username/Password

      This is usually the number one reason why users are not able to login to the website and we get it, everyone has a million passwords. Click here to try and reset your password.

      Your Account Has Been Blocked

      Uneepi takes your security and privacy seriously. And in doing so, we take users being reported very seriously. When a user has been reported as being blocked, we take a look into each and every situation. If you believe you have been reported accidentally, please send an email immediately to support@uneepi.com.

      If none of those resolve this, please contact support@uneepi.com and we will get you logged in to Uneepi in a jiffy.

    • Will my account remain free?

      Yes it will! If you are a beta user, your account stays free, even when we launch the website. You will have to pay for the coaching and many other advanced features.

    • Why was my photo not approved?

      All photos that are submitted, must be approved by a member of the Uneepi team. If your photo was not approved, it was likely because the photo was deemed inappropriate. Please resubmit a new photo that isn’t inappropriate. If you need clarification, please visit the Terms of Service or contact us at support@uneepi.com

    • What is the difference in entering as a guest and entering as a member?

      Our site works on a membership system as we must be able to keep data files that contain your profile information and other information such as your Hotlist. Guests are free to browse the profiles of members, but in order to respond to ads using our emailing services you must be registered with a valid e-mail address. You must also be a member in order to create a Hotlist and use chat room and e-mail service.
    • Are profiles censored? Is there any limit to what I can put in my profile?

      Yes. All member profiles, when they are originally created as well as when they are modified, must be approved by our webmasters. We reserve the right to refuse any profile or photograph that we feel is inappropriate for this site. Also, we ask that you do not put any personal information in your profile, including, but not limited to: your home address, cell or telephone number, a real e-mail address or personal web address. Any offenders of this rule will be banned from the site.


    • How do I change my personal information?

      Changing personal information is extremely easy. If you would like to update the information about yourself that you submitted during registration, write a new heading and description for your profile, as well as editing main criteria for your matches just go to the Update your profile option on My Settings page. There you can edit any part of your personal information; save it by clicking Submit button.

    • How do I recognize scammers?

      Scammers are mostly MEN pretending to be women seeking love. They will be writing you sweet e-mails saying how much in love they are and how much they want to meet you in real life.

      NEVER EVER GIVE MONEY to anyone! Doesn't matter how long you have been talking to them!

    • How do I send an e-mail to members?

      You can send e-mail to users by clicking the button Send a message or Send a card on that persons profile or listing. Simply type in your message or select a card you wish to send and click the Send button.
    • What is the Block List feature?

      While viewing members profiles or reading or replying messages in your Mailbox you will have an option to add members to Block List. After you have added someone to your Block List you will not receive any notifications, cards or e-mails from this particular member unless you remove him or her from the Block List. This feature helps you limit your contacts with people you don't really like.

    • Are members on this site screened?

      Yes - For the safety and security of our members all ads are checked to verify authenticity. A valid e-mail address is required in order to become a member of this site - you will not be able to activate your account without one. All our services are confidential and your privacy is as much of a concern for us as it is for our members. However, we cannot do extensive background checks on members, and we expect you to understand that we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused to you by use of this site. Please use common sense and be careful about giving out personal information to people you meet online and in person.