RSS Feed Our RSS feed for the latest website news en-us Sun, 24 Jun 2018 20:28:29 UTC Sun, 24 Jun 2018 20:28:29 UTC Taking it to the next level Women's Point of View_ Autism Dating Site's-Point-of-View_-Autism-Dating-Site/index.html <p>How to take a casual relationship to the next level&hellip;</p> <p>You spend a lot of time together&hellip;it feels like besties plus more. there is a spark in your heart and butterflies in your stomach. This person is worthwhile and you want to snag them&hellip;here are some signs that it may be mutual and worth taking the risk&hellip;</p> .. Tips for Approaching Woman_Autism Dating Site <p>This is a story about a girl.</p> <p>Not really, but what I know is that every story about a relationship has one thing in common. You have to approach her and open your mouth. Now guys a lot of this still falls onto us (ladies, there will be a separate post for you all). However, how do you do it? Have no fear, Uneepi is here to help.</p> .. 4 Tips for Approaching Men_Autism Dating Website <p>4 Tips for Approaching Men</p> <p>You see an attractive man and you&rsquo;d like to get him to notice you. But what do you do? Men need encouragement to know it&rsquo;s safe to approach you because more often than not, they get rejected by women. Here are four tips to let him know you&rsquo;re interested.</p> <p>Tip 1. Smile at a man you&r.. Taking it to the next level_ Autism Dating Site <p><strong>So it&rsquo;s time. </strong></p> <p><strong>You&rsquo;ve gone out on dates, you&rsquo;ve laughed, you&rsquo;ve had fun and you think she is enjoying herself as well. The question is, where do you go from here? Now, if you would like to still date different people and not be in a relationship that is more than fine. However, if you wa.. Friend zone from a female and male perspective_Autism Dating Site <p>Do I just want to be friends...</p> <p>From a Female</p> <p>So you&rsquo;ve been on a couple of dates and you are questioning...<br /> uh-oh, this guy or girl isn&rsquo;t for me? it&rsquo;s fine if you aren&rsquo;t totally developing a<br /> crush on this new interest.<br /> here are some signs that you may be ending up in the friend zo.. Uneepi – A New Online Dating Site For Autistics–-A-New-Online-Dating-Site-For-Autistics/index.html <p><em>Bryan Dunn interviews CEO and founder of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">uneepi</a>, a dating service for autistics</em></p> <p>By Bryan Dunn with Keri Bowers</p> <p>I&rsquo;m Bryan Dunn, a 38 year-old autistic with very little experience in the dating scene. In fact, I&rsquo;ve had only one girlfriend. I would li.. Valentine Date Ideas_Autism Dating Website <p>How to handle valentine&rsquo;s day from first date to in love&hellip;</p> <p>Here is a quick list of possible ways to handle valentine&rsquo;s day. Celebrating this love holiday should be treated differently depending on your level of dating. People who are dating with autism will benefit from following these suggestions.</p> <p>1.If it&r.. First Date Ideas_Autism Dating Website <p>Three letters, one syllable</p> <p>Yes.</p> <p>They&rsquo;ve said yes to going out with you. First off, if you want to take a moment and do a happy dance we won&rsquo;t stop you.&nbsp; Now the big question shifts from if they will go out to you, to what am I going to do on this date? &nbsp;Fear not, we are here to help you all out. Here ar.. Hygiene_Autism Dating Website <p>what does it mean to have &nbsp;good hygiene?</p> <p>having good hygiene means feeling, looking and smelling clean.</p> <p>having good hygiene means that your body feels, looks and smells &nbsp;clean. having good hygiene means that your hair feels, looks and smells &nbsp;clean.</p> <p>having good hygiene means that your mouth and teeth .. Manners_Autism Dating Website <p><strong>So, people always talk about putting your best foot forward. In case you didn&rsquo;t know, that means that you should try and show the best side of yourself everyday. However, the question is how do you do that? There are a lot of ways to make a good impression on someone or a group of people, but we&rsquo;re going to start with the bas..