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how to create a catchy profile
Date 02-23-2017 | Views  1709

how to create a catchy profile…

online profiles are meant to catch the eye, and the click, of other singles looking for love. just like the saying goes, “you only have one chance to make a first impression”, your online profile needs to be a magnet for potential mates. 

1.            include only the BEST photos…

try to avoid the selfies…awkward angles…ask a friend or family member to take some photos of you in a variety of settings.  make sure you look your best for these photo shoots; wear your best outfits, including casual and fancier.  let other members of @Uneepi to see you in a variety of styles.  this will allow your audience of admirers to visualize how you would look on a dinner date at a fancy restaurant or just hanging out at a coffeehouse.  be sure to spruce yourself up for these photos.  people like to date others who appear clean, fresh and neat.  keep this in mind as you prepare for your photos.  full-body shots, meaning photos that show you from head to toe, will also help others to get a sense of your build and style.  love comes in many shapes and sizes so you want to attract someone who will love you for you.  pay close attention to the scenery and backgrounds in your picture.  there is nothing worse than looking at someone’s adorable face but then noticing that they are standing in their bathroom with all of their personal business on display…TMI (Too Much Information)…the world is filled with beauty - capture all of that good stuff in your photo.  do you live near a park or beach?  do you have a favorite restaurant?  your beautiful photo against an interesting background is only a plus.  do you have hobbies that you absolutely love and adore?  show them off!  include a photo or two of you as the super home chef or in front of your gorgeous garden…make your life come alive in photos!

2.            positivity and light…

keep your personal details positive and light-hearted.  when you are first getting to know someone, it’s important to show your best side.  chronicle your story in terms of kindness, friendships, humor, hobbies and joy.  the goal is for someone to browse your profile and say, “wow,  he is so funny!” or “she seems like such a happy person”…stand in your own truth, but for purposes of a profile you want to only disclose the best parts of you.  use language that is positive not negative.  for example, try writing “I think dogs are cute but only from far-away” instead of “if you have a dog there is no way I am dating you”.  you want to leave the reader laughing, smiling and wanting to know more about you…

3.            check, change, chat…

just like we need to keep up and maintain our own appearances, we need to monitor our dating profiles.  check yourself out a couple times per month…maybe the 15th and 30th of every month.  you want to check for grammatical and spelling errors.  admirers will wonder if you are witty and smart…let them know you are with your wonderful writing skills.  check your photos and update to keep yourself looking new and improved!  change areas that you feel no longer describe you.  did you initially include that you work at a store but now you work at a restaurant?  edit so others can get a true picture of the man or woman you are.  chat with others online that you find interesting (or with those that reached out to you…and bonus! they’re cute too).  your profile is a resource that you can refer to in these chats.  talk about some of your hobbies that you included and then ask him or her about their hobbies.  comment on a photo that you posted and then ask about their photos…back and forth, ying and yang, love and romance! we can help you create a super-awesome, better than the rest profile.  check out our coaching resources at  have fun out there!