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Date 02-10-2017 | Views  2584

                                                                                                      What Does It Mean To Fall In Love?

Falling in love is an abstract term…and there are more to follow.  Try these love expressions on for size:  a match made in heaven, to fall head over heels, to be smitten, meeting your soul mate, to have a crush on someone.  When it comes to falling in love and being in love, the labels aren’t that important but the feelings are everything.

When you fall in love there will be physical and emotional events that will come into play, as well as the role your brain will play! Physical feelings include:  feeling butterflies in your stomach when you see or simply think about your guy or girl, feeling your heart beat fast when you are both together, and maybe your love parts (a.k.a. private parts) get tingly.  These things feel great!  And, guess what?  You’re not alone with these physical feelings…those of us who have ever been in love can relate.

Emotional feelings also take place inside of you when love has sprung:  Maybe you find yourself smiling as you think about your love mate, maybe you get super-dooper happy when you are on your way to meet-up and have a date, maybe the thought of your boyfriend or girlfriend getting hurt can cause tears to come to your eyes.  These are all signs of love. 

The brain also activates some mental movements when you are falling in love:  your level of stress seems to decrease as dopamine and endorphins set in to make us feel good, you create thoughts and fantasies about future happy times together and you begin to include your mate into future plans, all the while trying to predict how he or she will feel. 

Uneepi is here to help you achieve all of these levels of happiness.  We are simply the path you can take to reach that level of love.  The falling in love part is all on you and your future partner…we know you can do it!

For more insights on falling in love try this link http://www.livescience.com/33720-13-scientifically-proven-signs-love.html