TV Shows Highlighting ASD
Date 10-10-2022 | Views  579

TV Shows Highlighting ASD

It seems that we are living in the age of great TV shows featuring an ASD component.

Streaming services, local channels and even international ones are pushing hard on

comedies and dramas featuring characters with ASD. Besides the fantastic fact that

each of them is taking unique, yet realistic angle, these shows are actually

entertaining. Here’s the list, in no particular order!

The Big Bang Theory (Hulu)…if for no other reason then because Johnny Galecki and

Jim Parsons are hot…

Atypical (Netflix)…As a professional that has worked with individuals living with ASD, I

find this show to be right on the money. The main character reminds me so much of

past clients. His facial expressions, the way he dresses, the way he navigates the

hallways in school…it all fits!

Love on the Spectrum (Netflix)

I tell everyone I know to watch this show. The 1st two seasons are filmed in Australia.

So, if you are American like me, that accent could make a serial killer seem beloved.

Not only are you watching the best dating show on TV, but you are also getting a

glimpse into life in everyday Australia. Season 3 is filmed in the USA.

As We See It (Amazon Prime)…really focuses on the anxiety and fear portion of the

spectrum…also super funny!

The Good Doctor (ABC)…gives valid insight into employment and on the job social


On the Spectrum from Israel (HBO Max)…has subtitles in English…similar to As We

See It…very funny!

Everything’s Gonna Be OK (YouTube)…deals with complex topics from a progressive

point of view…

Dinosaur (BBC)…lots of cool Scottish accents and the lead role is the woman with


Happy Watching:)