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Gifting Ideas_Autism Dating Site
Date 12-05-2021 | Views  466

2021 Holiday Gift Ideas  

2021 has ZOOMed by…pun intended! Now we are in the holiday season. If you are  in a new relationship or maybe even pretty committed by this point, then let’s talk  about some nice holiday gift ideas.  

If you are buying for a romantic love or interest AND you have an in-person  relationship, then check out… 

100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster - 

variety of unique dates to share together  

Road Trip Kit - 

perfect companion for travel  

Aphrodisiac Scented Candle - 

keep the fire burning  

Twister Game - 

outdoor fun  

Luxury Outdoor Picnic Baskets - 

enjoy time together in nature  

If you are buying for a romantic love or interest AND you have a long-distance  relationship, then check out… 

Friendship Lamps - 

you touch your lamp and theirs lights up  

Keepster Books - 

creatively puts all of your romantic texts into a coffee table book  

We’re Really Not Strangers Card Game - 

 conversation starters for couples  

Wish and Design Morse Code Couples Bracelet - 

you can both wear and feel a far away connection  

The Sill Hoya Heart Plant - 

beautiful live addition to a home in the shape of a heart  

If you want to get a gift for yourself, then check out and sign up for a coaching package. We can help your wishes come true.