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Date 03-26-2020 | Views  1185

I Know It’s Time To Let Go But How…

So you are a parent and your child is now an adult…add on to that the fact that your child lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other special need. Guess what?  It’s time…let the strings loosen a bit.  If you need to start slow then add these habits to your household…

1.        encourage independence by having your adult child actually pay for his or her share of life - that can include cell phone, car insurance, favorite snacks, Amazon & Apple purchases

2.        allow opportunities for your adult child to enjoy social life WITHOUT you near them…going to the movies, shopping at a store, hanging out at the mall, walking in the park - these are natural opportunities for he or she to navigate the outside world, make mistakes & recover all by themselves

3.        use technology to your advantage - APPS like Find a Friend will also allow you and your loved ones to see each others’ locations at any time

4.        realize that the adult in your life may be experiencing a desire to date & be romantic with someone…this is great!  Encourage it - treat it like you would with another child…teach safety, meet your child’s boyfriend/girlfriend, provide a safe environment for speaking about safe sex & more - utilize the autism dating site & sign them up for dating support

5.        BE POSITIVE - refrain from having your anxious thoughts become the last words you say to them as they leave the house…just because you are having fears that he or she may “mess up socially” leave those ideas in your own head…provide him or her with self confidence to go out & live their fullest life