Is Uneepi Meant for Me?_Autism Dating
Date 04-16-2020 | Views  1686

                                              Is Uneepi The Right Site For Me?

So Uneepi is a lifestyle site for adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder or for those who are super-shy. Maybe you fall into 1 of these 2 categories; but how do you know if is right for you?

Online dating is kind of the best thing that ever happened to introverts or extraextroverts who aren’t sure how to scale it back. At you can now scan for a potential mate without ever leaving your comfort zone. Feel free to get to know someone as you wear your Star Trek pjs or have a rejuvenating skin mask covering your entire face…

 Eventually you'll need (and hopefully want) to exit your apartment or dorm room or palace and enter the physical world of dating. Relax…at we will take it step by step for you.

If the idea of making conversation in large groups or going up to strangers is your personal idea of a torture chamber, can help you get from A to Z with getting into a fren-zy. Consider this list when choosing our autism dating site:

• I feel insecure because I don’t have a varied dating history • I’m a full-grown adult and still need to fall in love for the 1st time

• My brand of autism keeps me rambling and rambling on when I date • I fumble over which words should come flowing out of my mouth

• I’m dating with autism • Starting a conversation brings an onset of hives or a rash! • I am funny but my humor doesn’t come across well

• Not sure what flirting looks like or sounds like

• Taking it to the next level is a complete mystery to me

• I am a nice person and still not meeting my equal mate

 If any of those points apply to you then is the place you need to be! We treat everyone as an individual at Relationship Coaching sessions are available to those who would like a personalized plan