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Date 04-09-2019 | Views  1423

You know how the story goes.

Someone catches your eye online, and you send him or her a message. Then another, then another, and another until you finally go on your first date. The first date is a success, so you schedule another, and that date goes well, so you decide to go on another to keep the good times rolling. Before you know it, you’re dating that person, and only that person, and you’ve found your missing puzzle piece!

Even though you’ve just started a wonderful new relationship, there are only so many hours in the day and your life and availability begins to change. It starts slowly at first, with you turning down a night out at the bar, or maybe skipping out on playing video games this weekend. Or you and your significant other are spending time in one place while your friends are on the opposite end of the same city.

Now, no one wants to lose touch with your friends – they’re your friends! But how do you balance it all? This is where Uneepi comes in. Here are some tips for balancing your friends and your significant others

1. Be Honest

  • No one ever wants to feel as if they are playing second fiddle to another person or to a group of people. However, you need to be up front with your SO. Let them know that your family and friends are important to you, and for you to be the best person possible you want to keep them in your lives.

2. Timing is key.

  • When you’re dating someone, it’s only natural that they take up a large amount of your time. However, there are almost always going to be times when you are free, and by yourself. Spend your extra free time with your friends. There are always a couple of hours in the day you can spend with your friends, to catch up and keep the connection strong

    • Try this: Schedule a cup of coffee before work or spend one lunch hour during the week meeting up with a friend

3. Use your phone.

  • When you’re in a relationship/have found that missing piece, it makes sense that you contact them more than you do your friends. Here, technology is your friend! It’ll make it easier to keep in contact with your friends so you don’t become a person they think is never around. Facetime, and Phone Calls also work well, anything to stay in touch

    • Try this: for every two messages you send your SO, send one to your friends

4. Bring your worlds together.

  • Another way you can spend time with your friends and your significant other is by inviting him or her into your friend group. Activities that can involve everyone help your friends feel involved in your life and your significant other better connected to your closest friends.

    • Try this: bowling, hiking, or the movies are great group activities

Ultimately, being in a relationship does not always mean being apart from some of your best friends – the people that helped you become who you are. By using your time wisely, staying in contact and making everyone familiar with one another, you’ll have your significant other, and your friends in your life for years to come