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Man's perspective on what to wear on a date_Autism Dating Site
Date 02-08-2019 | Views  1166

First date jitters… the challenge of figuring out what to wear can be one of the most daunting. Not wanting to look to informal while also not wanting to overdo it and be too formal can be the utmost challenge. For me, I try to keep first date dress casual. I start off with pants, typically wearing a fitted pair of dark jeans accompanied with a black belt. Next, I look for an appropriate shirt, a nice button down usually does the trick. The button down shirt will typically range from a solid color such as white or gray to a plaid/ flannel type of shirt. This allows for comfort but also acknowledging that you will be going out on a nice date. When wearing the shirt, do not tuck it into your pants. Allow the shirt to be worn as is. Last, we tackle the footwear, I personally prefer a nice pair of black dress boots. Dress boots come in a large variety and bring about a casual look but can be adaptable to any setting. With dress boots lightly tuck the ends of your jeans into the tops of the boots. The other alternative to dress boots being a nice pair of sneakers to match the color shirt you decide to wear. Here the jeans should not be tucked in and worn normally resting on your shoes. Color coordination is key in any outfit you decide to choose, it helps your companion see that you are a well put together individual. The first date starts with the appearance of both parties, but ultimately is solidified through the interaction and the connection between individuals, the clothing is merely the icing on the cake. Have fun with your outfit and do not be afraid to explore new design patterns and shoes. Dressing is about self-expression!

Good luck!

Guest Blog by Will Ward