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Date 01-17-2019 | Views  1448

How to be a Supportive Sibling

Sibling relationships certainly have their ebbs and flows.  The highs and lows can be more prevalent when one of your siblings has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or other special need.  Protectiveness can be on a heightened level. Can I let him go to the store alone?  Should I escort her to their job interview? Can he buy movie tickets by himself?  It’s typical for older, or more responsible siblings, to feel they need to parent a younger or less skilled brother or sister.

It happens.  But to be a supportive sibling, brothers and sisters should also allow space for their sibling to grown and experience life as an adult.

With adulthood comes lots of new adventures.  Some may be to date, fall in love and possibly have a family someday.  Being a good sibling means to come out of your comfort zone and help your brother or sister gain confidence and comfort in the adult dating world.

Uneepi is an autism dating website that is focused on aiding adults living with ASD date, find romantic love and start a meaningful relationship.  Uneepi supports men, women, transgender people, as well as those who are gay and straight.

Uneepi is different from typical dating sites because we have a special component called Dating Support.  When your brother or sister signs up for Dating Support, they will receive individualized coaching.  The goal is to teach those with unique social skills the rules of dating while finding likes, lusts and loves. For example, our blogs focus on a variety of topics. These can be how to prepare for a date (you know that being squeaky clean and hygiene stuff), how to find our own unique style, how to be safe online and in person, and so much more! Uneepi also has a podcast.  The podcast is called Loving with Autism. It focuses on the dating woes and wins of both typical people and Aspies! There are videos that can help your sibling actually “see” how to text someone or how to meet up with someone at a coffee house or other real-life social skills lessons.

We realize that you may have hesitations getting the ball rolling for your brother or sister when it comes to dating and love.  We know that supportive siblings are always worried about impulse control, safety and social interactions in the real-world.  Think about how important it is for you to be happy and fulfilling your dreams.  Now think about how your brother or sister feels.

According to Autism Awareness Centre only 32% of people with ASD have a partner and only 9% get married.  Check out the information on your own here   Yes, maybe your sibling and future in-law will need some support from their families and friends...but that is fine.  Love is definitely not typical.

Your brother or sister with ASD wants happiness for you as well.  A study can be found at that tracked the role of siblings in the care of their adult brothers or sisters with ASD.  The holiday season is upon us.  Imagine a bright image of your sibling and their loved one(s) joining you and your loved ones during future festivities.  This can be possible.

Check out and specifically the Dating Support tab.  We believe your fears will be relieved a bit when you see how safe the site is.  And at you can contact the support team anytime.  Thank you for taking the time to read this today.  It proves what a supportive sibling you already are.