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Date 12-24-2018 | Views  1299

What To Buy For The Holidays…

Happy Holidays from !  Your favorite Autism dating site wishes you only the best of the season!  Have you started your shopping yet?  Did you just start dating someone?  Are you in a committed relationship?  Here are some gift-buying tips to help you over the course of your relationships…


Gift Guide

If you just started dating someone (2 weeks to 1.5 months)

First - communicate with your crush to see if gifts will be exchanged…

if YES then…

• Cozy blanket

• Bottle of wine

• Box of chocolates

• iPhone case

• Book


If you have been dating 2 - 3 month you are more than likely going to exchange gifts…

• Framed photo of the two of you together and a sweater

• Bottle of perfume or cologne and a scarf

• Pair of pajamas and slippers

• Treat for a weekend getaway together

• Small piece of jewelry (small meaning not too expensive but nice)


4 months and beyond…you now know this person pretty well.  Let your imagination and their tastes guide you to purchase gifts that they will truly enjoy.  You can also let your significant other guide you.


Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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