Is Uneepi Meant for my Son or Daughter_Autism Dating Site
Date 08-15-2018 | Views  1918

Dear Mom and Dad,  

I am writing this to you on behalf of myself, (your son or daughter).  As I am sure you have noticed lately I am no longer a child. I am an adult. And with adulthood comes lots of new experiences, feelings and goals.  One of my personal goals in life is to fall in love and possibly get married. I think I would like to have a family of my own someday…

It might be hard for you to realize know because with my ASD and all.  But don’t worry about that. Lots of people date with autism. I can too. Let me tell you about this cool site I found that can help me.  It’s called Uneepi is a website that is focused on helping adults living with ASD date, find romantic love and start a meaningful relationship. It’s really great because they support men, women, transgender people, as well as those who are gay and straight! Uneepi is different from typical dating sites because they teach those of us with unique social skills how to learn the rules of dating while finding likes, lusts and loves. For example, they have blogs that focus on a variety of topics. These can be how to prepare for a date (you know that being squeaky clean and hygiene stuff), how to find our own unique style, how to be safe online and in person, and so much more! Uneepi also has a podcast.  The podcast is called Loving with Autism. You guys should check it out! It focuses on the dating woes and wins of both typical people and us Aspies! The videos are ways for me to actually “see” how to text someone I am interested in or how to meet up with someone at a coffee house or other real-life social skills lessons.

I know this might sound scary to you.  I know you are always worried about my impulses, my safety and my interactions with other people in the real-world.  But this is my time to shine (and practice all of the lessons I’ve learned along the way). Mom and Dad, I want to be happy just like you, and according to Autism Awareness Centre only 32% of people with ASD have a partner and only 9% get married.  I really don’t want to become that kind of statistic. Check out the information on your own here I am entitled to find love just like everyone else.  Yes, maybe my future partner and I will always need some support from our families and friends...but that’s OK!  We can still be happy in our own way. Nobody is totally typical. And love is definitely not typical.

Well, I hope you can both be happy for me.  I want you to support me on this new adventure.  You should check out too. You will see how safe it is and how much they want us to safely find someone special.  And at you can contact the support team anytime.  There are also coaching sessions available that are run by qualified mental health professionals.  I can have 1-1 sessions over the phone or through SKYPE. These can really help me create a profile, search safely, and more. For example, you know how sometimes my humor can cross the line or I don’t express myself fully and get misunderstood.  Well a relationship coach can walk me through the ins and outs and rights and wrongs of social romantic relationships.

Thank you Mom and Dad for always listening and being there for me.  I’m excited to get started on this autism dating site,! I hope you are excited too!


Your Adult (Son or Daughter)