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Date 08-02-2018 | Views  1467

What romantic movies can teach us about dating, romance and love...

Some people love them. Some people hate them. I’m talking about romantic movies

here...some people think they are artistic and beautiful. Others feel that they are

sappy and pathetic. Regardless of how you feel about romantic movies, we can all

learn a thing or two about dating, romance and love. Here at


narrowed it down to our top 5. After all, whether you’re dating with autism or not, we

can all use a little support!


When Harry Met Sally

Lessons = the person you aren’t meant to be with could possibly be that very best

friend standing in front of you...and always hold out hope because love will find a

way to get to you, no matter how long it takes!


Love Actually

Lessons = romantic coupling can take many different forms and can change shapes as

life goes on. When on an autism dating site, have a real-life fantasy about what you

want in a romantic relationship. This will help narrow down your searching to only

those who can fulfill your dreams (and vice-versa).


Bridget Jones’ Diary

Lessons = be happy with your self...and if you’re not then make changes. Get

yourself to your best version of you. That can be physically, mentally and emotionally.

The more you love yourself the more you will expect respect and love from others.

Nothing less!


He’s Just Not That Into You

Lessons = take the hint. If someone is interested in you they will let you know. If you

have unanswered texts or calls - guess what? He or she is just not that into you. Get

out there and meet someone else.



Lessons = Provide space, quiet listening and a clear vision. In other words, listen to

the other person you are on a date with. Give them time to speak about themselves

and refrain from making it all about you. Everyone loves a good listener. Also, it's okay to get

help for dating, it’s tough for everyone.