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Date 07-24-2018 | Views  76

So, college is over…now what?

If your family is rich, and you can do whatever you want feel free to leave this article and read any of our other wonderful posts. For the rest of us, we have to get a job. However before you actually get the job, and start to get paid you have to go through something that we all have to do: an interview! Here are some tips on how to prepare

1) Research the company

Before you even set foot in the doors of the company you definitely need to look up somethings about it. You should know things like the top leadership, what the company culture is like, what they specialize in, etc. Many companies will ask, why do you want to work for us as one of the opening questions. It’s a fair question and you need to have an answer for it.  

2. Be prepared to give examples

Another common question will be about your experience and how it helps you for this position that you want. You should have answers ready before you step into the door. Maybe your job at the library in college helped with your organizational skills. Did you intern in a marketing firm, maybe you have strong interpersonal skills. Be able to confidently link your experiences to the positon that you want now, and you’ll be golden.  

3. Have questions at the end

One thing that people forget is that you’re conducting an interview as well as participating in one. You need to see if the people you are interviewing for will be good fit with you.

Here are some possible questions to ask:

1. What would you like me to accomplish in the first month of the position

Why- it shows that you are goal oriented, it also helps the interviewer picture you in the role

2. How did you get to the company, and to your current position?

Why- It helps create a personal connection.


Now get started and practice, we can’t wait to see where you all end up working.