Taking it to the next level Women's Point of View_ Autism Dating
Date 05-11-2018 | Views  1883

How to take a casual relationship to the next level…

You spend a lot of time together…it feels like besties plus more. there is a spark in your heart and butterflies in your stomach. This person is worthwhile and you want to snag them…here are some signs that it may be mutual and worth taking the risk…

1. The conversation flows - no awkward moments - talking and laughing are constantly on the menu when you are both together

2. You have inside jokes and share secrets - they know you like the back of their hand and you both get giddy when you touch hands

3. You become almost a green-eyed monster (idiom for feeling pangs of jealousy) when you know they are on a date or dating someone else - when you are on a date your mind is elsewhere…usually thinking about them

4. You’re just dying to tell other people about these feelings…you want to share it with the world

5. Risking the friendship is worth sharing your feelings with them

To take the leap from casual to passionately romantic takes guts - hopefully it leads to glory. Sometimes the feelings are mutual and other times you will be faced with the reality that this very special person feels only friendship vibes for you…it happens to everyone! remember that just because you are dating with autism doesn’t mean that your experiences differ than lots of other people.

When communicating your intentions and feelings be prepared - look good, smell good, feel and be desirable…make the other person laugh…do light flirty touches on their hands or shoulders…then in a sincere and thoughtful way simply say…I feel like I have feelings for you…

The conversation will then take natural turns and curves…good luck!