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Valentine Date Ideas_Autism Dating Website
Date 02-20-2018 | Views  1162

How to handle valentine’s day from first date to in love…

Here is a quick list of possible ways to handle valentine’s day. Celebrating this love holiday should be treated differently depending on your level of dating. People who are dating with autism will benefit from following these suggestions.

1.If it’s only been 1 or 2 dates - ignoring the holiday is the best bet.

2. 3rd date - ask yourself what you hope to get & then casually mention it before your date…”I hope you like the card I got you for Valentine’s Day”.  Most likely your date will follow your lead.

3. Once you are past the 3rd date then you can feel comfortable to discuss valentine’s plans openly…remember some people look forward to the holiday

& Others despise it…”hey do you want us to do something romantic for valentine’s day or just treat it like a regular day where we already like each other?”.

4.In a solid relationship - develop your own traditions…”for valentine’s day we get in our pjs early & watch Netflix”…”for valentine’s day we always try a new restaurant”…”for valentine’s day we always eat breakfast in bed in the morning  & dessert in bed for dinner”…

5. Regardless of your length of love & lust, keep it simple!  Make traditions together that you can carry with your throughout your romance!

As always, if you need specialized 1-1 dating support check out the dating support tab on