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Date 02-08-2018 | Views  1525

Three letters, one syllable


They’ve said yes to going out with you. First off, if you want to take a moment and do a happy dance we won’t stop you.  Now the big question shifts from if they will go out to you, to what am I going to do on this date?  Fear not, we are here to help you all out. Here are some places you can take a person on a first date.

Movie and then dinner

Maybe you’re a little nervous, and are unsure of what to talk about. Going to a movie first presents a great option for conversation. Combine it with a simple meal afterward it makes sure the date stays interesting and low pressure.

Coffee Shop

If you don’t drink coffee, you’ll be fine. Every shop always has a variety of teas, or even hot choclate. It also presents a low pressure situation, where if you want to spend some moments sipping your drink while you think of something to talk about you are fine.

Go to a Museum

Show off your intellectual side =) Plus you have the added benefit of alaways being able to see somefithing different in the usueum, so you don’t have to worry about things becoming dull.

Play a game

Mini-golf, bowling, and pool are some of the best ideas. That way you keep your hands busy, and maybe put a little friendly wager on it/

Comedy show 

Nice and simple, and you don’t have to talk much throughout the performance. Then right after you have a nice Segway into things you can talk about while you go for ice cream or a drink.


Have anymore ideas, let us know on social media. Talk you all soon.