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Hygiene_Autism Dating Website
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what does it mean to have  good hygiene?

having good hygiene means feeling, looking and smelling clean.

having good hygiene means that your body feels, looks and smells  clean. having good hygiene means that your hair feels, looks and smells  clean.

having good hygiene means that your mouth and teeth feel, look and smell clean. having good hygiene means that your clothes feel, look and smell clean.

personal hygiene is important for many reasons; but it is crucial if you want to be successful with dating.  people like to date, snuggle with and kiss other people who feel, look and smell clean. when dating, hygiene is something that should be high  up on the daily schedule.

having good hygiene is so important to our health that our government discusses it within the centers for disease control. it’s that important to everyone.

good personal hygiene habits include:

• washing the body often - everybody should have  a shower or a bath every day

- the body includes every aspect from head to toe  - even the bits that no-one else  can see - washing the body must  include using water and soap - get  a good lather going - there are so many splendidly smelling body washes out there - you can smell like Christmas cookies in winter  and lilacs in spring

• washing your hair is a necessity each day - sometimes when you get  close to someone emotionally and physically  hair smelling can happen in sweet and romantic ways - make your hair feel, look and smell as clean as possible - lather it up

• cleaning your mouth and teeth must  happen 2-3x per  day - this includes using floss, using mouthwash and brushing with toothpaste - get a good lather going inside your mouth too  (just like your body and hair) - and always throw  in an extra brushing and swish of mouthwash before a date - keep mints or gum handy at all times on a date just in case you get  that kiss

• each and every time you use  the bathroom wash your hands with soap - sing happy birthday in your head 1x while you lather up with soap

• nails - guys:   keep your finger  and toe  nails trim and clean - people notice the cleanliness of your nails and hands before any other parts of your body - so make a good first impression - trim means your nails are NOT

hanging over the the end of your fingers or toes

• nails - ladies: keep your finger  and toe  nails clean - your nails can be long  if you wish but  cleanliness is never a choice - if you polish your nails then keep them looking fresh

• wear  clean clothes - wear  your outfits  1x and then put  them into the laundry - have  your clothes feel, look and smell fresh

hygiene can also include how our bodies affect others - this includes turning away from other people and covering the nose and mouth with a tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing - using hand sanitizer after blowing your nose in a tissue - refrain  from burping or passing gas  until you are in a private space

having good hygiene means feeling, looking and smelling clean.

remember to make taking care of yourself a priority  each day.  make hygiene upkeep a part  of your daily schedule. keep yourself clean and fresh.

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