Third date from a Female & Male Perspective_Autism Dating
Date 04-16-2020 | Views  3989

3rd date…from the perspective of female and male…

girls perspective

so now you and your potential mate are about to go on a 3rd date.  girls who are attracted to their suitor get super excited for the 3rd date…as well as a little apprehensive.  us females are emotional and ruled by the heart! 

usually females don’t venture out on a 3rd date unless there is an attraction and interest.  we know by the 1st date.  sometimes we give someone a 2nd chance on the 2nd date.  but the 3rd date is usually the real deal. 

for all women out there you can relate to the questions that bop up and down in our heads…

•    are we going to be more physical with each other…should i lean on him and snuggle at the movies?  will he reach for my hand when we walk down the street?  will our kissing be more passionate?

•    are his feelings at the same level for me…is he seeing anyone else?  is it too early to bring up certain topics?  does he like me?

but, let’s remember ladies, that if you want the intimacy to stop or pause then just saying “hey, can we stop for a little bit?” or “i think we should stop here and take it a little slower…” or “i really want us to stop” should definitely do the trick.  if your date isn’t taking the hint then a flat out “no” should definitely send the message.  all females and males have the right to say “no” and the obligation to listen to “no”. 

3rd dates can be very good…they usually are if you are really in to the person.  from the 3rd date to beyond an attraction and interest for someone can get pretty strong! 

guys perspective

gentlemen, if you’re reading this a congratulations is order. you’ve made it to the 3rd date, hooray! as you probably read from our other writer, if a girl agrees to a 3rd date that means she likes you. normally guys get one, maybe two dates to make a good impression.* getting to the 3rd means that she has determined that she would like to spend more time with you and continue to get to know you. now, that is great news, but the big question is now what? do i go in for a kiss at the end of the night, do i hold hands, what do i do?!

have no fear guys, this is where i come in 8-)…your knight in shining armor.

here are a couple of things that you should consider when going on that 3rd date.

•    do i like her or do i like her, like her… by this third date, you should be asking yourself whether or not you see this girl as a friend or as a girlfriend. how do you do that?

•    getting physical…as said by our other writer, at the 3rd date the girl is probably wondering when this is going to get physical. this is a good thing because it’ll help you make your mind up. try and hold hands with her, how do you feel when you do it? does it feel relaxing? do you feel like you don’t want to let go? if so, you like this girl! now, at the end of this date comes the big part: the kiss. if she’s on a 3rd date with you, she’s thought about it was well. i wish there was a way to completely walk you through a kiss, but this is something you just gotta go for. don’t rush, don’t try and make it some move like scene, keep it simple and right on the lips. how did you feel after the kiss? did you feel like you wanna do it again, did your chest feel all warm? if so, you like this girl! =) however, if she pulls back, says no, or seems uncomfortable in anyway stop and go no further. it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you, it just means that there may have been a bad moment.

now, there is a lot more about dating but that will be covered the next time. be safe, have fun.