how do you know if you want a 2nd date?
Date 06-01-2017 | Views  1711

                                    how do you know if you want a 2nd date? 

dating can be confusing and tricky because of all the social norms you have to follow. even if you’re in no way new to the dating world, everyone feels at least slightly nervous before a first date. after all, you are going to meet a stranger, and despite all the conversations you’ve had you have no idea what to expect.  using an an autism dating site can open up your world to wonderful opportunities. dating can be fun and finicky at the same time.  dating with autism can be fun and finicky at the same time.

deciding on whether or not to have a 2nd date is a decision everyone in the dating world needs to make from time to time.  sometimes it’s super easy because your feelings are 100% aimed in a certain direction:  

ew, i did not like her or i totally like him and i hope he calls me againif you did meet your date and there was that instant spark or chemistry awesome!  that doesn’t happen to everyone, so enjoy!  but many times it make take another date to figure out your feelings for someone. so how do you know if you should invest your time and efforts in seeing this person again?  ask yourselves these 5 questions to help you decide if you want a 2nd date…

1.         did your date make you laugh and did you have a very fun time?

                                                            yes    or     no

this is important because love and laughter make the world go round.  someday we will be all be old and gray.  being able to laugh with someone is crucial to a happy relationship and it ultimately leads to a lot of chemistry.

2.         was your date kind, polite and generous?   

                                                            yes         or       no

manners and kindness are must-haves.   it’s attractive to witness a date being patient and kind to the servers in a restaurant.  finances can be decided between couples.  whether you split the check, he treats or she treats, generosity is noticeable.  cheapness never equals charming.  leaving a nice tip and happily taking out your wallet are noticeable. 


3.         was this person hygienic with good table manners?     

                                                            yes         or        no

it’s so much better to eat a meal with someone with cleanliness and on-point table manners.  when someone walks into a room looking freshly showered, smelling sweet and dressed neatly goes a long way.  people notice and pay attention to your physical appearance.  this includes your smells, movements and table manners.  assess your date’s use of napkins, their dinner posture and their ability to chew with their mouth closed.  a mannerly person attracts others.


4.         did you find this person physically attractive? 

                                                            yes       or       no

there is a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  this means that everyone has their own tastes.  what you find physically attractive is what you should focus on.  it doesn’t matter if your best friend thinks your date is cute; everyone has their own “type”.  some people find confidence attractive.  others like a shy person.  some people like tall and thin, while others are attracted to shorter and curvier.  when you saw your date for the first time did you get an excited feeling? 


5.         what about that first kiss?  

                                                            yes         or        no

if you had a first kiss how was it?  did you like it?  did you want to kiss more?  if you didn’t have a first kiss yet were you so tempted to try?  did you want to be physically close with this person?  this is pretty straightforward…you either liked it or didn’t.  you either want to or you don’t.  a good kiss can be a deal maker and a bad kiss can be a deal breaker.   it’s that simple.