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              you’ve messaged back and forth, you were the charming and witty person that everyone at uneepi knows you can be and they said yes to going with you. first off, congrats! now the question is, what in the world do you actually do on the date. well here i am to save the day with some helpful tips on how to date. these tips come from experience and a lot of awkward moments so pay attention. i’m going to handle this from the guys point of view, ladies we’ll have other writers will be able to better address the tips for you.

meeting the person

if weather permits you should wait outside the venue of the restaurant/bar to meet your date. it shows that you want to meet her, and it’s also good so your date doesn’t get lost. if you’re going inside a restaurant/bar, try and open the door for her. it’s old school, but it’s a gentlemanly thing to do and its always received as a positive. when you sit down at the table, pull out the chair for your date to let her sit and then push her to the table. she’s more than capable handling it herself, but again it’s a nice thing to do and if done properly your date will appreciate it.

talking with your date

by the time you’ve sat down at the table, you already should have been exchanging messages back and forth to get to know the person better. use those messages as a baseline for conversation. if they mention being really into a show, watch an episode so you can talk to them about it. if you are at the point where you are talking about their job and their day to day life ask them how their day went. if a person sees that you care, they’re going to be calmer and more open with you. some possible topics that you can talk about

  • favorite movie
  • where they want to vacation
  • where did they go to college/what was that experience like for them

the point of this all is to try and get to know them and for them to get to know you. it should be a back and forth exchange so have fun.

ending the date

at a certain point you gotta go home =( if it’s been 45 min to an hour, that’s generally a good time to end the night. this is not a rule, and if you’re having fun stay, but around a hour is the general length. ask your date if they want anything else, and if not ask for the check/start packing up your things. *guys pay* it’s unfair, i know but you gotta do it.

leaving the date

now this part is a little tricky. at the very least you should walk with your date to their car/subway or bus stop or call/hail a cab for them. if you had a good time, by all means say it, it’s a nice thing to hear. if you didn’t have a good time, you might want to go with something along the lines of it was nice to meet you, have a good night. 

the next day

if you had a good time with that person, ask them to go out again. if you did not have a good time with them, be honest and say you don’t see things going any further.


do’s and don’ts

do try to be relaxed.

do be one time

do go on your dates in a public place

don’t drink too much alcohol. know your tolerance; a sloppy person is someone no one wants to be around

don’t talk religion, sex or politics. these are typically considered very personal subjects and should be saved for when you get to know a person better. 


we’ll have more tips for you next time.