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Date 03-29-2017 | Views  1856

how to  date

  so you’ve created the profile, you’ve sent your messages, done your best job at flirting and they’ve said yes! that’s amazing, but now what? here at uneepi, we realized that dating with autism is a lot different than “typical” dating. It’s why the site was created; we wanted to help people on the spectrum find love. however the question still remains, how do you go about actually dating a girl or guy? below are some tips that we think might help, it’s by no means the end all be all, there will be much more coming in the following weeks and years.

“I love it when a plan comes together”- hannibal smith*

          after he or she says yes, and you do your happy dance (i do it too), there are one or two questions you should ask them. first off, what day works best? over the course of messaging back and forth you should be able to get an idea of what their average week is like. for example, you know he or she is off on tuesday’s and has a late start on wednesday, so tuesday evening would be perfect. if you don’t have that kind of info, feel free to suggest a day and time. i’d stick to around 7pm or so because it gives people time to change from work and relax for a sec before going out. as far as days go that is up to you. make sure it works around your schedule as well.

          after figuring out when, where is important as well. if you know that this person might have issues with large crowds and continual noise, maybe choose a coffee shop or a day in the park where you could find a quiet space. if they don’t have such problems maybe invite them out to a local bar where you can grab a drink and talk. utilize search engines like google or yelp with phrases like “first date bars” or quiet dinner spots and you’ll be in business. or maybe a museum and show off your sophisticated side.

        next how are you two getting there? you never want to pressure someone to traveling with you if they don’t want to. Make plans to meet at the designated spot at the designated time. as far as clothing goes, try for a mix between comfort and style. you can’t go wrong with jeans and a button up.

So now she’s walked in, and…. tune in next time for more advice. we’ll be with you every step of the way for your personalized dating advice as you navigate love and autism.