Uneepi is a dating and social media website and app. When we launched Uneepi, we wanted to be different from all those sites out there. We want to help you not only find love and friendships but now we also want you to help you find a job. We are launching a place where you can go and get interview prep as well! Below are some topics we will help with:


How to apply to jobs

Resume Help

Salary/Contract Negotiations

Making sure you choose the right job/career

Coaching Pricing

Number of 1 Hour Sessions Uneepi Pricing Prices of Competitors
1 $40 $200
5 $175 ($35 per session) $1,000
10 $360 ($32.50 per session) $2,000


Meet Our Coach

Name Bio

Elizabeth Arthur

Elizabeth is currently a senior manager in IT at Bristol-Myers Squibb(BMS), a global biopharmaceutical company. Some of her responsibilities at BMS include interviewing candidates for management level roles. Prior to joining BMS, Elizabeth attended graduate school for business and healthcare at Boston University. During her MBA degree, Elizabeth spent significant time supporting fellow students with interview and career prep. Her skills include reviewing resumes, refining cover letters and helping individuals share their career journey with organizations.