Uneepi is an online dating & relationship site and resource designed to support people on the Autism Spectrum. Uneepi makes dating simplified, social interactions a snap and love easy to find. Some of the ways that we are doing this include:

- One-on-one qualified specialists that will guide and assist Uneepi users through the entire relationship process from the first LIKE to the eternal love;

-A community for our users to express themselves and feel safe and meet like minded people.

Most Autism organizations are focused on the early development of an individual on the spectrum, from childhood through the teenage years, often leaving young adults stranded and unsupported when tackling adulthood social situations, such as making romantic connections.

At Uneepi we plan to challenge this status quo by providing an educational yet fun, social platform focused on young adults and their platonic and romantic relations. We believe people of every age deserve to feel companionship and explore romance, even those who have difficulty expressing emotions.

Why should you join Uneepi?

-join Uneepi to create a cool as ice profile

-join Uneepi to get 1:1 coaching on dating, relationships and falling in love

-join to meet new people...with some becoming friends and some becoming your future

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