RSS Feed Our RSS feed for the latest website news en-us Mon, 28 Nov 2022 10:36:29 UTC Mon, 28 Nov 2022 10:36:29 UTC Tip 3/4 Independence <p>Help your adult-child realize just how cool having ASD can be. Some positivity-affirming shows are: Atypical, Love on the Spectrum, As We See It, and more. Some Instagram influencers with ASD can be found here <a href="https://Help your adult-child realize just how cool having ASD can be. Some positivity-affirming shows are: Atypical, Love on .. #2 Independence <p>Suggestion #2</p> <p>Utilize technology to help your adult child with ASD become more independent. This can include calendar reminders, alarms and more. There are also various APPS that may motivate someone to follow a daily routine. Check out HABIT, ROUTINELY, and TODOIST.</p> .. Creating Independence for the Adult Living with ASD <p>Suggestion #1<br /> Teach the necessity of work by having your adult-child pay for 1/4 of their internet &amp; cell phone bills each month. If they work outside of the home, then the funds come from that. If they do not work, then adult-chores must be completed each week in the home. Completion of chores earns money. A portion of that money wil.. Creating Independence <p>Suggestion #3</p> <p>Parents - choose 1 activity that you still complete for your adult child. Think of something that you are hoping he or she will begin to exert control over. This can be paying bills or doing laundry or responding to emails, etc.� Make a decision to end your time with that activity. Make sure you pick something that will.. Tip #6_Autism Dating Site <p>Use the word &lsquo;privacy&rsquo; in casual conversations, such as &ldquo;I&rsquo;m going to take a bubble bath and enjoy some privacy&rdquo; so he or she can respect the privacy of others while providing themselves privacy�</p> .. Tip #5_Autism Dating Site <p>Have your adult child subscribe to male and/or female fashion magazines so they can begin to think about appearance and style</p> .. Tip #4_Autism Dating Website <p>Watch romantic comedies as a fun family activity to get the dating conversation started in a light, pressure-free way<br /> &nbsp;</p> .. Tip #3_Autism Dating Website <p>Download the LIFE360 app or something similar. These will help your families share locations. This simple step can alleviate fear associated with allowing you adult child more independence in the real world.</p> .. Tip #2_Autism Dating Site <p>Integrate some adult board games into your home. &nbsp;Games that will elicit meaningful conversations and social connections include: &nbsp;<em>We&rsquo;re Not Really Strangers Card Game</em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em>The Hygge Card Game</em>&nbsp;or something similar. &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> .. Tip #1_Autism Dating Site <p>If your adult son or daughter with Autism is lucky enough to have adult siblings who date, then encourage them to confide in each other about relationship wonders and woes.<br /> &nbsp;</p> ..