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Date 04-23-2017 | Views  1947

so, the profile is up you've picked your best pictures and you've created a profile that you think really speaks to the kind of person that you are. if you are having trouble doing any of those things, please refer back to some of the earlier blogs. now after the profile is created, what do you need to do? send a message of course! but the question is how?  lucky for you, that's where we come in. here are a couple of tips and tricks for messages: 

1. hi= no reply. when you message people you want to give them something to reply to. if you just say hi, there's nothing to go off of. maybe try asking them about a question about their profile i.e. i really liked the dog in your picture is it yours? oh the new york yankees are awesome, what did you think of the game last night? 

2. let's play a game. remember the ice breakers that you used to do in class in the beginning of the year. welcome back, they work here. my personal favorite is two truths and lie, it's a good way to get a person to think creatively and then you get something to talk about right there. 

the key is to be able to start a conversation with him or her. when you feel like you are getting to get to know someone, that is the best way to be able to meet up in real life. 

now here's some other things to keep in mind

1. stay away from looks. while it's nice that you're noticing her eyes or her smile sending that online is not a good idea. now is the time to learn about her personality. 

2. keep it clean. you know how you have jokes that you and your friends find funny? keep those to yourself for the time being. once you have some interactions, then you can be a little weird. 

3. keep it short. no one wants to read a novel, get to the point and send your message. 

stick to these points and you should definitely be able to get a response. now go message someone and find your missing piece 

We'll be coming up with more tips and tricks for you next week.